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Spellbook Bundle Mystery Box

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7 Kraken Original Items VALUED at $125 for only $70!!!

The Spellbook Bundle is the best mystery you will find out there. Specially curated for any critical roller making them the envy of the table. Both decorative and functional, the Spellbook bundle features 7 Kraken Dice Products Unlock the power within with this spellbinding bundle! Stand out at the gaming table with 7 mystical Kraken Dice products at your disposal. Perfect for the daring adventurer looking to make their mark! All delivered to your door by Kraken Dice's Jelly Cube.

What's in the Box:

1 Mystery Kraken Original 14pc Dice Set

1 Mystery Kraken Original 12pc Dice Set

1 Kraken Original Spellbook 30pc Dice Set in a Velvet Bag w/ Charm

1 Mystery Kraken Original D10 10pc Dice Set

1 Mystery Kraken Original 8pc Dice Set

1 Misfit Kraken Original Silicone 8pc Dice Set

1 Kraken Original 30mm D20

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Thomas B.

awesome Quilty and price was more than what I expected it to be

Jenni S.
So many treats! So little time!

Never fails to impress how excellent these dice always turn out, especially in bundles like this!