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Kraken's Oracle Paduk Dice Vault by Master Monk

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A voice echoes from within the chamber as you approach the sanctuary "What you seek is within your reach. Only through an adequate display of reverence will it show itself". With confidence you enter and approach the portal, your faith is steadfast and you are prepared. The oracle begins to chant and the portal opens, from the depths you see the Kraken emerges.

The Kraken's Oracle dice vault has been specifically designed to display your Kraken Dice 30mm D20 as the centerpiece of your favorite 14pc Kraken dice sets. Hand-crafted quality by Master Monk, each of the Kraken's Oracle dice box uses high-density foam to ensure that even when your oracle box is bumped, tossed in a bag, kicked, dropped or put through any number of trials, your dice are not being damaged. This high-Density foam also ensures your dice don't bump into each other and get damaged. Lids stay secure with the use of strong rare earth magnets. When you hear "Neodymium" or "Rare Earth", that doesn't necessarily mean you are getting the best magnet. Master Monk uses four N52 rated magnets that are coated in a black epoxy all the way around to keep them from chipping over time and so the glue holds.