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Kraken's Hoard Mystery Box

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41 items with a total value of $359 for only $150!!!!!

Uncover limitless possibilities with Kraken's Hoard Mystery Box! Each purchase guarantees a burst of excitement with every roll. Get your hands on a treasure trove of Kraken Dice and Dice Market sets - all at an unbeatable price! It's a chance to expand your collection with a variety of everyone's favorite designs. Let the adventure begin! Enhance your game nights with Kraken's Hoard Mystery Box! Keep the thrill alive with every roll. Claim a vast array of Kraken Dice and Dice Market sets at a steal! It's an opportunity to upgrade your collection with an eclectic mix of beloved designs. Gear up for an epic journey!


What's in the Box:

10 Kraken's Miniatures for Tabletop RPG's

1 Kraken's Misfit 5pk 30mm D20's

1 Mystery PVC Patch w/ Velcro Backing

1 Dice Market 10mm 7pc Polyhedral Dice Set

1 Kraken Dice's Beholder Keychain

2 Mystery Kraken Original 14pc Dice Sets

3 Mystery Kraken Original 12pc Dice Sets

5 Dice Market Mystery 7pc Dice Sets

1 Alchemy 7pc Dice Set

1 Mystery RAW 12pc Dice Set

2 Matilda' Mistake Practice Makes Perfect 12pc Dice Sets

3 34mm Gazing Eye RAW D20's 

1 Large Microfiber Dice Bag by Kraken Dice

1 Small Microfiber Dice Bag by Kraken Dice

1 Handpolished Sharp Edge 55mm D20

1 RAW 55mm D20

1 Misfit Silicone 8pc Dice Set

1 Kraken's D20 Display Case

1 Kraken Discs Mimic Putter Blind Bag

5 Kraken Dice's Stickers

Customer Reviews

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Kelly R.

Great quality and variety. Definitely got my money’s worth.


Awesome! Lots of great stuff