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Vulcan: 30mm Red Precision Aluminum Single D20

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Vulcan dice sets are constructed using 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum, hard anodized and dyed to give a unique color. Each perfectly balanced Vulcan dice set will include a Kraken Logo metal dice container.

Be the envy of your adventuring party with these D&D compatible RPG polyhedral dice sets. Whether you want polyhedral dice that are compatible with Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, or any other tabletop RPG, Kraken Dice are perfect for any gaming system. Whether it’s a 7 piece, 8 piece, 10 piece, 11 piece, or 12 piece polyhedral dice set Kraken has all the dice you need. Quality checked for accuracy our polyhedral dice sets come with a money back guarantee, try getting that from your D&D or Pathfinder NPC shop owner!


• 1 of the following: 30mm 6061 Precision Aluminum d20.

• 30mm D20
• Precision aircraft grade machined aluminum
• Perfectly balanced for the most random numbers possible
• Laser engraved numbering


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Derrick A.
Fantastic quality

Having never been a fan of sharp dice due to the feel in the hand i was initially worried that i would regret this purchase due to the sharpe edges caused by the process for the die. Thankfully, i was dead wrong. The edges are perfectly chamfered and have a fantastic weight/feel in the hand and is smooth to the touch. I also bought the 75mm dice and it is equally as good. I highly recommend this purchase if you are even considering it.