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The Amazing Frog Boy 8pc Dice Set Inked in Teal

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"...Sure," you reply to the Fortune Teller. Your mind had gone blank for just a moment. Why did you agree to your fortune being told so quickly? It's all a little hazy. The incense, perhaps.
"Sit. Sit deary," the old woman instructs. She lights another candle near the crystal ball. This one is ominous somehow, the wax tinged red. "Ah. You seek your friends... successful you shall be..." she proclaims. Wait... how did the cards... the ball, is it swirling? You lean closer, drawn in by the Fortune Teller's voice. Her hand wraps around your wrist and the flames flicker.
"Your journey will take you a short distance, but great time. You lose a shoe, but gain so much more. First, the boy... amazing is he! Then, a trial of fire and blade awaits. Then it all becomes... let's say, a bit unclear," the Fortune Teller exclaims in an ethereal voice.
"What is that supposed to..." you ask, suddenly taken aback by the woman's white eyes. You break your grip and rush out the door. You misjudge the steps down and hit the dirt, your face breaking your fall. You notice your left shoe has come undone and you chuckle nervously. Coincidence, surely. You rush away without looking back.
"Step right up folks!" You hear back near the main circus. "You won't believe your eyes! His youth spent in the jungles of the Amazon... his mother made a deal with the devils of the old world! Come, come! See what it cost her!" A burly man in an ill-fitting blazer is yelling into a megaphone as you round the corner.
"You," the man points in your direction. "Come see the Amazing Frog Boy!" Wait... what had the old woman said? An amazing boy... right? She didn't mention a frog... but you still need to find your friends. You head inside to see the show. Besides... none of this is real, right?... right?




• 1 of the following dice: d2, d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12
• 1 of the following dice: d20
• 1 of the following dice: d6


• 8pc RPG dice