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S'Mores 14pc Dice Set Inked in White

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Why let life get you down when s'mores can fix everything? Unless, of course, you're a marshmallow - then you'll just be the delicious gooey filling everyone wants to toast. Indulge in the ultimate comfort food (don't wait for happiness to come to you!). These dice are perfect for any sweet treat-loving adventurer. Get ready for a treat that will make your heart swoon and your taste buds sing!


Kraken Dice brought the summer fun of S'Mores to our Dice Goblins early by gathering around the campfire. Limited to only 1000 sets, S'Mores will surely be a hit at any gaming table with its unique spell card and dice bag! S'Mores 14pc Dice Set Inked in White is a hot commodity, limited to only 1000 sets. But don't worry, our Kraken Dice Goblins have gathered around the campfire (with marshmallows and chocolate in hand) to ensure you get your hands on this summer-ready dice set. It's got everything you need to make your gaming table a hit - unique spell card and dice bag included!

*no marshmallows were harmed in the production of this dice set. 

• 1 of the following dice: d2,d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.
• 4 of the following dice: d6, d20 with Kraken logo on 20


• 14pc RPG dice Set
• Limited Edition Dice Bag
• 1 Limited Edition Spell Cards
• Numbers inked in White

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Customer Reviews

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