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Skeleton Swordsman Miniature for Tabletop RPGs

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The dead have risen

You hear a soft grinding sound in the distance. As the fighter creeps forward, a hollow clattering echoes through the damp corridor, a skeleton with sword drawn comes into view. It opens its mouth to unleash a silent scream, bones scraping along the stone floor as it charges the fighter.

No adventuring campaign suffers from the addition of the undead. Whether it is a long-lost player love interest who has refused to rest, or just one of the many in a Lich’s army, the Kraken collectibles Skeleton Series are a great addition to any scenario.

Enhance your favorite TTRPG campaign with the addition of Kraken's Collectible miniatures.

This awesome little miniature will be the first of many that will be included in orders throughout the year. These awesome miniatures will add depth, flavor, and excitement to every session. Whether you choose to bring them to life with paint or leave them our custom blue, these new miniatures will be a great addition to any gaming campaign.

Kraken's Collectibles Miniatures will arrive unpainted and will need to be primed before painting.

**Please Note: Promotional free miniatures are not covered by our lifetime manufacturing warranty**