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RAW Purple Liquid Core Single D20

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RAW Purple Liquid Core Single D20 will make you the envy of all of your friends. With this design and concept being in planning and production for over a year, we're releasing our RAW Liquid Core Single D20's into the wild!



Please note these dice are RAW and intended to be polished and inked to the buyers desired finish and ink color.

All Liquid Core D20's may contain a small air bubble and visible plug.

Due to the contents of the liquid core, it is possible that the cores may freeze and cause damage to the dice if they are being shipped to areas experiencing extremely low or freezing temperatures. All Liquid Core D20's may contain a small air bubble and visible plug.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Magen O.
Purple magic!

It was super easy to finish these dice to a lovely shine. I had fun painting thr numbers. It is going to make an excellent gift!

Not durable at all

I was ridiculously excited to get one of these. I had it for a couple months, storing it in a bag with some other dice, and only used it a small handful of nights. I've never been rough with it evenly, but I've recently noticed that the resin has developed a deep crack that encircles the entire die. I try to to find the silver lining in things and admit that it looks cool in a way, but I'm expecting it to split in half like an Easter egg in the near future.