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Mystery Mismatched Hand Made 7pc Sharp Edge Dice Set

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7pc production sample mystery sale, may include mismatched sets and unfinished ink. These 7pc dice sets are super low availability, as low as 4 sets ever to be made for some sets! Get them while they last.


A few years ago we started a long search to find a factory to make sharp edge dice for us for our LUX brand of sharp edge dice. With no one willing to make them at the time we partnered with a couple who agreed to make them out of their home.  We worked together to find materials, techniques and color schemes. They set off to work on our production samples and they sent us some of the first ones made back in 2019. Those first samples were the Black Hole dice that we sent out for April Fools 2020, thinking we would give everyone a sneak-peak of our coming sharp edge dice.

Unfortunately soon after they started making the dice for us Covid hit and they were unable to stay afloat. Like many businesses that were forced to shut down, they lost everything and could not finish making these dice sets. We were hopeful that they would be able to continue but unfortunately they could not. It was a really hard time for everyone and we really were not sure what to do with these dice. We have been sitting on these dice for a couple years now and it is time to release them for all you Kraken collectors.

We are making available right now some of these unfinished production samples. These are mismatched sets with some having inking that was not completed on. Some sets only 4 sets were ever made, while others there are over 40 made. We are putting up these very unique handmade original LUX Mystery Mismatched dice sets for sale at a discounted price of $35. For those who would like to choose your sets we will have some finished sets that had production number of over 40 available at a later date at a higher price.