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Leviathan Revival Solid Aluminum D20

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Color: Blue


The Leviathans are solid aluminum d20's, each weighing over 12 pounds! These unique display pieces will have machining marks and some natural discoloration from the process.

Be the envy of your D&D or Pathfinder adventuring party with these D&D and Pathfinder compatible Leviathan D20. Intimidate your players, amaze your friends, the Leviathan giant d20 is an imposing die for everyone to enjoy.
All Leviathan will be shipped in a special shipping box, used to protect the die during shipping only, and is not intended to be a part of the display. Please dispose of the special shipping box responsibly once your Leviathan arrives. Leviathan will receive Free Shipping, but may be sent separate from other parts of your order to avoid damage. Due to its limited production, The Leviathan D20's are not eligible for multi-purchase discount promotions.

Each Leviathan bundle includes:
• 1 Single Leviathan D20 with Kraken Logo.

• Leviathan Metal Die
• Weighs 12lbs 10oz

Solid Metal, Aluminum


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This dice is pretty legit. Can't hardly roll it safely because its so solid. Roll this bad boy like a bowling ball and watch your toes. Most important thing I want to mention is don't throw it up and catch it, the metal edges are sharp and split me open just from catching it off a 2 foot toss. Very sharp, not a toy lol. Also the design is a huge massive improvement over the original Leviathan


The dice is a great show piece and exactly as advertised. I can only imagine rolling it as it would destroy most surfaces. The only improvement could be the presentation box that it was shipped in was destroyed in transit. This monster would really need a wooden box to contain it. No complaints as the box is unneeded, just bubble wrap it and ship it out.