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Kraken's Hero's, Monster's, and Villain's Miniature Bundle Set

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Collection of 70 miniature figures!!

Adventurers for hire, inquire within. No adventuring campaign would be complete without the addition of battle tested and time proven adventurers. Whether it is a conquering hero, a stealthy rogue, or a seafaring pirate captain, the Kraken collectibles Adventurers Series are a great addition to any campaign or combat scenario. Enhance your favorite table top RPG campaign with the addition of Kraken's Collectible miniatures. These awesome miniatures will add depth, flavor, and excitement to every session. Each miniature is ready to paint or you can leave it our signature blue. Bring powerful characters and colorful stories to life with our diverse selection of adventurers. Make every twist and turn memorable by having a set of these miniatures at your fingertips--ready for play or ready for painting. With Kraken's Adventurers Series, you won't have to go searching for the perfect sidekick, you'll have it right there in your pocket! 


Customer Reviews

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Love the detail on these minis and was glad to get so many for a reasonable price

Robyn B.
Great value

I ordered this during the tier stacking event, so I definitely felt this was a good value for the money. I wouldn't normally spend so much at once just on mini figs. Only issue was that shipment was delayed twice by a few days. Great overall!