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Kraken's Cabal Rainbow w/ Purple Ink 8 piece Metal Dice Set

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Emerging from the depths of the unknown, entangling tentacles shape the Halflings' future in the quaint seaside town of Honeywallow. As the grip tightens, the Halflings begin to lose their critical thinking skills, falling victim to repetition and imitation. Nothing is truly original; even their thoughts were echoes of silent whispers from a forgotten past. Unaware to them, they had fallen prey to a secret cabal, dedicated to surrounding Honeywallow's very soul with their sinister influence. Guiding the town's journey through darkness and light for centuries without the Halflings' knowledge, there seemed to be no escape. Yet as long as they had their community, friendship, nightly music and games, all seemed well.

A halfling named Zaldal Freedream knew the truth given to him by a traveler who passed through town a few summers ago. Although Zaldal was known in the town for making outrageous claims that seemed too fantastical to be true, some began to comprehend that they were merely pawns in the Cabal's scheme. Nonetheless, the residents of Honeywallow felt secure and content for the time being, and that was what truly mattered.

Kraken Dice is proud to present its latest metal dice set: Kraken’s Cabal.



• 1 of the following: d2,d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20.

• 8pc RPG dice set
• Shipping tin with foam insert (Not intended for continued use after shipping)

These amazingly crafted dice are made from solid metal and are well balanced, making them ever so satisfying to roll.

**Please note, as a result of the manufacturing process, that these metal dice may have slight surface scratches or edge chipping that fall within acceptable quality levels.