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Kraken Discs Mimic Putter Blind Bag

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Kraken Discs Mimic Putter Blind Bag

Life may present challenges, but putting doesn't have to be one of them. Introducing the Mimic Putter - a straight-flying, beadless putter with a perfectly balanced rim depth. Designed with a neutral appearance, this putter appeals to players of all types. The Mimic putter boasts a unique feel that is truly remarkable. With its low profile, slow speed, and beadless rim, you'll instantly connect with this disc. It remains reliable even after extensive use, holding any line you throw with ease. Ideal for putting, the Mimic putter is stable enough to combat wind while maintaining a predictable flight path. Catering to various preferences and skill levels, it is available in two distinct plastics – Jelly and Dwarven. The Mimic Putter's neutral appearance and remarkable feel make it appealing for both experienced and novice players alike. Its low profile and beadless rim keep the disc stable, even in windy conditions, and reliable, withstanding extensive use and holding any line it's thrown. With two distinct plastics - Jelly and Dwarven - available, it's the perfect choice for all putter needs.

PDGA Approved August 07, 2023


    • Height 2.2cm
    • Diameter 21.0cm
    • Rim Depth 1.4cm
    • Rim Thickness 1.1cm
    • Inside Rim Diameter 18.8cm
    • Weight 172

Flight Numbers: 2 | 3 | 0 | 0

Collectors' Circle

  • Plastic Dwarven or Jelly
  • Foil Mystery
  • Disc Color Mystery
  • Foil Color Mystery
  • Series First Edition Mimic Basket

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristin K.
Just bought out of curiosity

I don't play disc golf, and I've no idea what this is even for, but it is very nice and I love the art work. Might have to figure out how to play the game now.


Love the design!