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Kraken Dice RPG Encounter Map Quick Mat- Dirt Field 36"x36"

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The party surveyed the ancient battlefield, centuries of war had turned the once lush grassland into a rougher, and more disheveled version of itself. Rocks and small tree stumps had been strategically placed, by the Dungeon Master onto his new Kraken Dice Quick Mat, to ensure that his adventurers would have the opportunity to make full use of their myriad of skills.

As silent as a lynx the rogue darted behind the large boulder jutting up from the ground. Deftly craning her neck around the rock she held out her hand, thumb parallel to the earth and fingers stretched to the sky, measuring her range to the group of bandits at the edge of her view. Quickly reporting back to her party they began to formulate a plan of action.

The Dungeon Master smiled as the players moved their minis around his Kraken Dice Quick Mat, his plan falling into place. They would never suspect the trap he had laid for them. Oh what foolish adventurers.

Whether it is our standard use mats, or a premium mat designed by one of our very talented guest artists, these maps will be the talk of your table and bring an engaging and fun new element to all of your gaming sessions.

Perfect as a travel solution or permanent addition to your terrain builds. each Kraken Dice Quick Mat brand playmat is produced using durable wrinkle resistant microfiber.

*Each Kraken Dice Quick Mat is created custom for your order. When purchased with other items, it can delay the shipping of all items by 7 business days while we create your mat.

**Microfiber cloth is not designed to be used with dry erase, temporary, or permanent marker. It is fabric and will become potentially ruined.