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Behemoth Solid Aluminum 200mm D20

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Color: Black


Kraken's Biggest and Heaviest ever made die.

Behemoth "The Destroyer of Tables": Solid Aluminum D20

Stories of Behemoths are exceedingly rare, because those who have seen a Behemoth first hand, are rarely lucky enough to escape the experience with their lives. From tales of terror to folklore about unwavering strength, a Behemoth's name strikes fear — and awe — into all who hear it!

The Behemoth will dwell in large underground cavern systems where they are the largest and most feared creature. Kraken's Behemoth D20 have shown their power and might over the Titan's, Goliaths, and Kraken's champion Leviathan to take the title of BIGGEST and solid metal D20! The Behemoth comes to the table, a force to be reckoned with! Its solid metal design proves it's the true Destroyer of Tables, dominating  games and  terrorizing even the most serious players. Who will be brave enough to roll the Behemoth?

Tables beware as the Behemoth is set to destroy you with a single roll. Put your gaming tables on notice. The Behemoth has arrived and is ready to unleash its 20-sided die-struction! Boom!

Each Leviathan bundle includes:
• 1 Single Behemoth D20 with Kraken Logo.


• Numbers inked in 1 Color

• Unpolished aluminum 

• Weighs 30.1 LBS

• Made from one solid piece airplane grade aluminum 

*all of our Behemoth D20's are war torn, but can be brought to a fine shine by hand sanding and polishing; Instructions are available upon request. Its robust construction and raw material construction make it a reliable choice for long-term durability, even when exposed to regular wear and tear. With the right techniques, you can take advantage of the shine that its durable aluminum surface has to offer. 

Instructions on how to polish available upon request.


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