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Green Blue Red Glitter Shift Blended 7pc Dice Set

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These Green, Blue, and Red Shifting Glitter dice create a unique color blend that shifts when viewed from different angles. The sorcerer waved his hands before him as he chanted; the small colored piles of crushed flower petals rose to meet his commanding hands. The Dice Market's blended color dice will remind you of some of the most beautiful mage spells being cast. The two color dice blending together like spell components as they roll across your gaming table will bring excitement and beauty to all your Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and TTRPG gaming sessions. You'll be enchanted by these stunning dice! Enjoy a magical gaming experience with vibrant colors that shift with every movement. Let these delightful dice bring beauty and excitement to all your gaming sessions!

dice size acrylic set

• 1 of the following: d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20.

• 7pc RPG dice set
• Standard, 16mm size