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Fullmetal Gothik Prince Goliath single D20

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The ever present Sacred Order of the Kraken looms over the city as the dwellers move from factory to home. All are a part of the Sacred Order, all will comply.

These larger than life dice are a force at any gaming table or a great show piece for your office. These 40mm Goliath dice weigh in at over half a pound and are as imposing as they are beautiful.

These amazingly crafted dice are made from solid metal and are well balanced, making them ever so satisfying to roll.

**Please note, as a result of the manufacturing process, that these metal dice may have slight surface scratches or edge chipping that fall within acceptable quality levels.


Each Goliath bundle includes:
• 1 40mm Single Goliath D20 with Kraken Logo.

• 40mm Goliath Metal Die

• Weighs 8.4 ounces

• Kraken Logo Carrying Bag

Solid Metal, Zinc, Nickel, Polishing

Photo and Color Disclaimer

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Drew B.
It's glorious!

This is not something I would ever buy myself, but I ordered enough dice in a recent sale that this was included as a free promotional item.

It is truly amazing how this feels in your hand. It doesn't roll much due to the weight, and you'd better not play on a glass or delicate table, but it is a thing of beauty. I'm going to break this out to surprise my players when they come up against a really heavy hitter. (no different than any other D20 but the psychological impact of Slamming this on the table will be so satisfying)

One scary moment I had was when I dropped this and just missed my foot. at roughly 8 1/2 ounces of solid metal you don't want to take a critical hit from this.