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Full Pound of Kraken Original Dice

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This limited availability Pound of Kraken Dice includes (8) full 12pc sets from our original and only run of our Iconic Mythical Collection, plus two 30mm d20. $160 worth of resin dice for just $69.95, it's a true bargain.

I asked a few weeks ago in our Kraken Dice Facebook Group if they would be interested in our Iconic Mythical Collection in bulk and there was a lot of interest. If you haven't joined our Facebook Fan Group do so now to be the first to hear about everything Kraken. Here is the link


• Over 16 ounces of resin dice
• (8) full 12pc sets + (2) 30mm d20
• A combination of vapor and layered dice
• Limited Edition Kraken Dice sets that will never be made again

PLEASE NOTE: The packaging says acrylic & resin dice, but this special product has only our more expensive resin dice. Our mixed Half Pound and Pound of Dice will be introduced in a few weeks when these sell out, some of you might want to wait if you want a random mix of acrylic and resin dice. For those of you that want full sets at a low price, then this deal is for you.

Also keep in mind that if you purchase multiples of these you might get doubles since this special discounted promotion is made up of the last of our Iconic Mythical Collection that is left in our warehouse. Once it's gone it's gone forever.

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Customer Reviews

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I love dice


Could’ve been a little more diverse and the free liquid core was meh but overall I’m still happy with the dice