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Dark Red Liquid Core Single D20

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All Liquid Core D20's may contain a small air bubble and visible plug.

Due to the contents of the liquid core, it is possible that the cores may freeze and cause damage to the dice if they are being shipped to areas experiencing extremely low or freezing temperatures. All Liquid Core D20's may contain a small air bubble and visible plug.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Dark Red Liquid Core

I’ve bought a couple of these recently. They come a little rough but that’s in the description and require some work. Luckily they provide enough documentation to show how to do it. It took me a few hours to sand, buff, polish and ink but they look really good now. The edges are nice and sharp. Some of the corners are a little off but that shouldn’t impact the roll much. I’m beyond pleased given the price, I had to buy a couple to get one that was super clear but compared to some metal and stone dice it’s cheap. Highly recommend especially if you want a little side project.

Didn't match picture in quality

The d20 seemed a scratched up and worn, as if were not brand new. It definitely did not match the picture as advertised in terms of quality or condition. The inner liquid core is still beautiful, but the wear on the outer shell of the d20 doesn't show off the core very well. Not that impressed.