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Archon: Bronze 130mm Hollow D20

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It's rule, if not followed, will be imposed.

His imposing shadow looming over them in the mid day sun, the Archon peered over the alabaster balcony, as the congress of his office scurried about to complete their assigned tasks. The shadow grew as he stood taller, a chill cascading through the air, as they felt the dominating presence observing their every move.

Be the envy of your D&D or Pathfinder adventuring party with these D&D and Pathfinder compatible Leviathan D20. Intimidate your players, amaze your friends, the Leviathan giant d20 is an imposing die for everyone to enjoy.
All Archon will be shipped in a special shipping box, used to protect the die during shipping only, and is not intended to be a part of the display. Due to its limited production, The Archon D20's are not eligible for multi-purchase discount promotions.

**Please note, as a result of the manufacturing process, that these metal dice may have slight surface scratches or edge chipping that fall within acceptable quality levels.

Each Archon bundle includes:
• 1 130mm Single Archon D20 with Kraken Logo.

• 130mm Archon Metal Die

• Weighs 2lbs 3oz

Solid Metal, Zinc, Nickel, Polishing

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