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10mm White Pearl 7pc Mini Polyhedral Dice Set

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It's not always about being the biggest dice set in the bag, and these little 10mm mini dice sets go out of their way to prove it. Marvel at their adorable size and then watch as the big rolls take out even bigger enemies.


Dice Market offers some of the best prices available on our acrylic dice sets. Starting a new Dungeons and Dragons adventure with a brand new character? First session of Pathfinder and learning a new system? Need a gift for a new player to your existing campaign? The Dice Market acrylic dice sets are a great option for any player or system. The Dice Market is your one stop location for the best prices on resale acrylic, blended, layered, glitter, resin, and filled dice set. Take any game night to the next level with the perfect dice set. Each of our quality sets feature distinct colors and designs, so you can customize your gaming experience and express your own personal style. With so many options to choose from, the Dice Market has the perfect set to fit any character and story. Get the best of gaming for an unbeatable price.