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Kraken's Jelly Mystery Box

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Another sunny day in Chula Vista... a long weekend over and another successful website sale. Only problem was, the Kraken crew had forgotten something important. Something that would come back... to bite them.

It all started about 3 weeks ago (or maybe it was 4). Nevermind that now, though, the important thing was that someone had forgotten to clean out the break room. You ever wonder what happens to uneaten jelly donut? Bet you wouldn't guess that after a few weeks underneath a heap of old velvet dice bags that it would begin, well... to wake up.

Curious thing, sentient jelly-filled pastries. Turns out they much prefer to shed their crusted sugar and yeast exterior. Much more liberating and airy that way. Unsurprisingly, jelly can get up to quite a bit of mischief left unsupervised for several days.

Imagine the Kraken crew's shock to discover many items were out of place and nowhere to be found that morning. One could chalk it up to simple coincidence... but when Brian realized that the super cool 14pc dice sets had gone missing as well... they knew they were in quite the "sticky" situation.

This Kraken's Jelly Mystery Box is valued at over $70 and includes:
  • Mystery 14pc Resin Dice Set
  • Mystery 12pc Resin Dice Set
  • Mystery 7pc Alchemy Dice Set
  • Exclusive Invisible Cube mini that you can only get in this mystery box.
  • Plus 5 other items, making it 9 items for only $39.95


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