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12pc Pack Positive/Negative Dice Counters for Magic: The Gathering

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Keeping track of the stats of your creatures just got so much easier with these positive and negative dice counters. When stats change you can just turn the dice and increase all the way from +1/+1 to +6/+6 or decrease from -1/-1 to -6/-6. A great way to keep both players aware of the game state and a fine edition to any deck box.You are going to love these +1/+1 and -1/-1 counter dice! They are perfect for keeping track of your creature's stats in Collectible Trading Card Games like Magic: The Gathering. These white dice counters have a glossy finish, feature neatly engraved numbers with black paint. These dice counters are great for quickly and accurately tracking the stats of your creatures, and they have a sleek and professional look that is sure to impress both players. With these dice, stats can be quickly and easily increased from +1/+1 to +6/+6 or decreased from -1/-1 to -6/-6, making tracking much more efficient. Get a handle on the game state and upgrade your deck box with these highly-visible counter dice.

• Pack of (6) +1/+1 Counter Dice
• 6 Engraved Sides featuring +1/+1, +2/+2, +3/+3, +4/+4, +5/+5, and +6/+6
• Glossy white finish with black ink

• Pack of (6) -1/-1 Counter Dice
• 6 Engraved Sides featuring -1/-1, -2/-2, -3/-3, -4/-4, -5/-5, and -6/-6
• Glossy black finish with white ink

• Perfect for MTG or other Trading Card Games
• Great way to keep track of tokens and counters
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